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Shamwari Safaris prides itself on offering exceptional client experience. From history of each of the different areas, to flora and fauna, our hunts are always enjoyable and most importantly safe.

We don’t compromise on ethics and are very well known for our fair chase principles. All the game is free roaming which makes it both challenging and exciting for the purist hunter.

Packages are available for hunts, and of course these can be tailor made to suit clients needs and availability.

Our most popular packages are:

Our Packages

Lion & Leopard Hunt

These are baited hunts, you will be required to take a number of species – typically a Hippo, Buffalo or Zebra – all of which can be harvested under the same license.

Trail cameras are used to help identify and select the desired trophy and Zambia has very strict laws regarding ages of trophies that can be hunted.

Buffalo Hunts

There are beautiful large herds of buffalo in the concession areas, especially in the Luangwa and Zambezi Valleys.  Hunting these animals in the classic way of looking for tracks and following the selected animals (in to sometimes thick bush) to their bedding down areas during the mid-day heat.

Bachelor groups are the main target and the success rate is much higher of locating the trophy the client requests.

Elephant Hunts

As with Buffalo, these are also tracking hunts and can be physically taxing, so are recommended for those that are able. Use of the hunting vehicle to get to an appropriate area, then on foot to get to a good shooting position.

Again, Zambia has laws with regards to ensuring that no animals with ivory under 40 pounds are allowed to be hunted.

Hippo, Crocodile and Plain Games Hunts

With amazing rivers in most concessions, these hunts are very popular and always successful in supplying top quality trophies.

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